What is this blog about?

Hello and welcome to the first blog post for N2N. As this is our first blog, it seems only fitting that we blog about…well what this blog is about. Now I have read other business blogs from various sites including blog spheres and those of various business sites from a variety of different industries. While informative, most, if not all, were very formal and well…stuffy. While I understand why they are written that way, mostly from a technical perspective and written not to offend, they all lack what I think is critical to the essence of a blog, the ability and freedom to write fluid opinions and perspectives as if you were having a conversation.

Thus, the intent of this blog will be to create an environment where you the reader (if there are any out there) will be engaged in a conversation and begin to understand not only what we do here at N2N but most importantly who we are as people. I say this because I believe it is important that when hiring a consultant to design or manage a project or program, provide advise or provide other services, you should understand the type of person or people they are, how they think, as this is usually key to understanding the type of product or service you will be getting in the end. I believe this is especially true in todays day and age, where this website and the information found within it form your first impression, not only of N2N but me as its owner. With that said, there will be, technical aspects to the blog, however the vision is to have this blog more free flowing and hopefully provoke more conversation, debate and maybe even a laugh (depending on the issues of course).

Future post will include: Who is Jeff Brant?, The Harvard Project on Indian Economic Development, Motivating Employees: Valuing People, First Nations: Economic Engines For Canada, Changing The Social Housing Model.

So I hope you enjoy the blog, that it provokes conversation and keeps you coming back. As always please comment, as the only way we learn and advance is by communicating. Don’t forget to signup for our Newsletter or subscribe to the RSS feed.

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